• Image of Eco Printed Linen Make up Bags

The unique watercolouresque print of this fabric is achieved by directly placing the natural dye materials on the fabric, rolling them up and steaming them. We used Logwood, Brazil wood and Marigold petals to create the vivid purple, pink and yellow shades.

When cutting into this beautiful linen fabric, we made sure that there is no waste and all but a couple of tiny strips from neatening the ages, got used up. We made four bags in this size. The patterns on all four bags vary slightly but all are equally beautiful. Upon purchase, one will be selected at random unless a specific one is requested by the buyer.

The bag features a flat bottom and a strong metal zip and it is lined with natural, undyed and unbleached cotton canvas.

Size: approximately 9 in wide by 4 1/2 in tall (23 cm by 12 cm)

Material: 100% linen medium weight outer and 100% cotton undyed and unbleached lining